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Trixie ‘Premium’ H harnesses


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The Trixie ‘Premium’ range of products is based around a super-soft, 2-ply nylon webbing material. When compared against the comparative roughness of regular-quality webbing your dog will quickly notice the difference!

The ‘H’ harness (so called because when viewed from above it kind-of makes the shape of an ‘H’) is what could be regarded as the basic, classic, dog harness.

To fit the harness, firstly uncoil the two fastenings. Now put your dog’s head through the aperture for the neck (don’t worry – when you get to this point it will be obvious!). Then push the remaining part of the harness between the dog’s front legs and, using the two snap-click fasteners, fasten the harness around his body. It’s not difficult – those instructions just took longer for me to type than you’ll take fitting the harness!

There are adjustment opportunities everywhere. The neck aperture can be adjusted; the body fitting (these are the sizes using in the drop-down size selector higher upon this page) can be adjusted; the distance from front to back of the harness can be adjusted.

Your lead will attached to the ‘D’ ring on top of the harness, which for smaller breeds usually sits around half-way along the dog’s back; on larger breeds it’s nearer the shoulders; almost without exception you will find it’s positioned in a purposeful, convenient, place.