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You’re very welcome to contact us in any way that suits you.

If you’re phoning our number is UK 01633 681881 (if no-one picks up in four rings you’ll be invited to leave a voicemail).

If you’re texting our number is UK 07831 895795.

You can send us a message by posting on our FaceBook page.

You can fire off an email to

Or, of course, you’re welcome to use the form alongside. You should anticipate a response usually within minutes, sometimes hours, occasionally a day.

Where appropriate (ie, not in publicly-viewable FaceBook posts), it may be helpful for us if you make sure to include in any messages your contact phone number.

All of which isn’t to forget that we’re real people living real lives in the real world! Find us at: Pant Farm, Tyla Lane, Castleton, Gwent CF3 6XG (between Newport and Cardiff).