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The Power-Glide towing wagon


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Stay out of the mud!

Stay out of the mud!

Whatever you’re planning, the Power-Glide all-terrain towing wagon will make life so much easier!

Use it on family days out to transport arthritic dogs, young children, ancient grand-parents – basically anything that’s having trouble keeping up with the rest of the pack.

Fabulous for camping, beach trips, gardening, parks, festivals and short trips to the shops. Now you’ve seen it, how have you coped without one? Use it as a trailer attached to a bike or disability scooter! A must-have cart for festival-goers – be prepared, come what may!

For not much money the Power-Glide can help you take life nice and easy!


The steel body of the Power-Glide is fully-rounded and formed from one seamless piece of pressed steel so there are no sharp edges to snag either goods or little fingers. The body is protected by rust- and scratch-resistant enamel coating in the colour of your choice.

The Power-Glide is supplied with wooden side panels – made from recycled wood – which are optionally fitted and fastened to the steel base, creating height without creating excessive additional weight. The wooden sides can be easily removed if or when the occasion requires (or, if you choose, not used at all).

Each of the four robust 10″ pneumatic tyres (the size you’ll typically see on large disability scooters) is fitted with a car valve and supplied sufficiently-inflated for immediate use. Inflate them to around 30psi using a car tyre inflator and they can handle any terrain. Of course, for a specific use the tyre pressures can be easily adjusted to suit a particular surface or load.

If you’re planning to use it around the garden to transport compost, tools or plants then you could, perhaps, fit only three of the four wooden sides – then you’ve got a convenient seat for when it’s time for a cuppa!

Whilst designed for use by adults, fingers are distant from moving parts (ie, the pivoting front axle) and so the wagon can be safely used by children under supervision.

The handle steers the front axle; the restricted turning radius of the front axle prevents the wagon from easily tipping.

Everyone can take it easy!

Everyone can take it easy!


Dimensions of steel body:
Length: 80cms (32ins)
Width: 40cms (16ins)
Height: 24cms (10ins)

Overall dimensions when assembled (excluding handle arm):
Length: 100cms (40ins)
Width: 48cms (19ins)
Height: 85cms (34ins)

Handle arm length: 81cms (32ins)

The ‘Power-Glide’ all-terrain towing wagon
Weight: 12kgs (26lbs)

Tyres: 10″ x 3.50 pneumatic

Load capacity: 150kgs (330lbs)


The Power-Glide comes flat-packed for self-assembly with an explanatory diagram; it isn’t complicated – you’ll need just a couple of spanners and a pair of pliers.

Room for two!

Room for two!

When you first open the carton you’ll be struck by the quantity of nuts and bolts. Don’t be intimidated! Most of the nuts and bolts are simply for fitting the wooden sides and rear axle to the body. Fit all those pieces first (which is ten minutes or so of screwing nuts onto bolts) and 90% of the components will have been used.

Most of the remaining parts are used in the pivoting front axle. Assemble these parts on the main bolt in the correct sequence (allow, say, 20 minutes to sort this out) and fasten to the body.

Now fit the wheels on the axles (each wheel is held in place by a split pin – allow five minutes to do them all) and bingo! – in less than 45 minutes (an hour if you stop mid-job to admire your progress) you’ve assembled your Power-Glide! That’s it – you’re mobile!