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Rolled leather collars


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The Miro & Makauri range of rolled leather collars are ultra-soft and offer rounded and smoothed edges for comfort, combined with hand stitched hardware for strength and security.

These rolled leather collars are ideal for dogs irrespective of the nature of their coats. Particularly, for breeds with long hair or a substantial ruff, the rolled nature of the collar minimises any matting or tangling of the coat.

The black collar has a deep, rich, glossy lustre while the antique brown collar has an interesting, ‘weathered’, matt patina. One style of collar with two very different visual appearances – one or other is sure to suit your dog.

When fitting it on your dog, whilst ensuring that the collar isn’t too loose (so your dog won’t be able to reverse out of it) please ensure that it is sufficiently loose for you to comfortably fit a couple of your fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.