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Trixie ‘Premium’ leads


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The Trixie ‘Premium’ range of products is based around a super-soft, 2-ply nylon webbing material. When compared against the comparative roughness of regular-quality webbing both your dog and you will quickly notice the difference!

The leads group themselves into two lengths: the shorter length leads are either 1.0m (for the larger sizes which are inevitably taller dogs) or 1.2m (for the smaller sizes – inevitably shorter dogs); the longer length leads are 2.0m length – the length you’d expect for a training lead.

The shorter length leads are the regular length you’d expect to encounter. One end terminates with a clip for fastening to harness or collar; the other end is a formed into a neoprene-padded handle. Super-comfortable!

The longer length leads are for use when you want to give your dog more ‘wandering-about’ freedom. They have a clip at both ends of the lead; used in conjunction with the steel rings which form part of the lead and you’ll be able to adjust the length of the lead to suit any particular circumstances or needs. You’ll use one of the clips to form the handle size of your choice. Or, if you have two dogs, you can put a dog on each end of the same lead!

The longer length leads are available in two thicknesses of webbing – either a single thickness or a double thickness. Pros and cons: the single thickness is lighter; the double thickness offers you increased reassurance* that your lead’s not going to snap.

*The extra reassurance isn’t needed on these quality products – but it’s sometimes good to know it’s there anyway!

All the leads are supplied complete with a nifty little integral loop for fastening id tags, flasher or poo bag holder.