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Trixie ‘Premium’ touring harnesses


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The Trixie ‘Premium’ range of products is based around a super-soft, 2-ply nylon webbing material. When compared against the comparative roughness of regular-quality webbing your dog will quickly notice the difference!

When I first learned that harnesses of this style were called ‘touring’ harnesses an image fixed in my mind of owners promenading with their dogs along sun-baked French boulevards. It’s an image that I haven’t since been able to shake off. Although, perhaps there’s no reason that I should, because a dog in one of these luxury harnesses would look completely In harmony with such a location.

The super-soft webbing is sumptuously enhanced with a generous fleece padding – shamelessly comfortable.

The harness slips over the dog’s head (sometimes a problem for pugs, French bulldogs, etc – if you have a large-headed breed of dog let’s discuss it before you buy anything) and is fastened around the body using two snap-click fasteners, one on each side of the harness so equal adjustments can be made on both sides of the harness. I know that will take a minute or two more than if there was only one adjuster – but you’re only ever going to need to do it once and the fit of the harness on your dog will be all the better for the extra ounce of trouble you’ll be taking.

Your lead will be fastened to the ‘D’ ring at the top of the harness. Please note that on the ‘touring’ style harnesses the fastening ring will be positioned further along your dog’s back than it would be with many other styles of harness. If your dog is particularly excitable and you need to constantly be exerting control then this isn’t the best choice of harness for the heightened level of control you need.