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Small, but perfectly formed.

Well, perhaps not small any more – but still perfectly formed! And certainly small enough and perfectly-formed enough to be sure that one person will manage your order from receipt to despatch.

The happy band of paw-thingers arrive for work.

The happy band of paw-thingers arrive for work.

paw-things was established in 2007, when we started importing and selling our own design of dog life jackets. A year or two later we started importing our exclusive range of ‘Hair-raiser’ dog hair de-shedding combs, together with a few other lines. Over subsequent years those lines have been further expanded, until we now expect to meet the requirements of 95% of our enquiries. (We don’t stock dog beds, or medicines, which together account for pretty much all the other 5%.)

For a few years we branched out into other product areas – our frog-patterned toilet seats proved very popular! – but found that to maintain maximum efficiency we needed to focus on just one product area.

And so emerged our slogan: Zillions of things for things with paws!

We stock far more products than we feature on our website. If you’re looking for something which you don’t see here then dash us off a message – there’s a form available on our home page. We can almost certainly help in one way or another – even if it’s only to point you in a more productive direction!

Similarly, if you want to check anything about the items, their prices, guarantee periods, delivery speed and charges, or perhaps a detail about the product that we haven’t covered but is particularly relevant to you, or maybe you’re simply seeking reassurance that the products we’re supplying are as good as we say they are, please just get in touch.

We sell our products online (here on our own website, on Amazon and on eBay) and, using our two mobile units, at an extremely intensive schedule of events, shows, festivals and fairs from spring until autumn around the south of England and Wales. If you’re anywhere below – say – Manchester we’ll be near you at some time during the year!

Our prices are similar on all the different sales platforms. The particular advantage of using our website over Amazon or eBay is that it is far easier for us to engage with the customer so that we can discuss the requirement to whatever level of detail is necessary – which inevitably improves the prospects of a sale which satisfies everyone.

And if what we send turns out to be not exactly what you thought it would be, just send it back for exchange or refund. No quibbling here!

Which, of course, is how we all like it!