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The baggy-belt



When your hands are sufficiently full with a dog or two and you haven’t got enough hands for everything else you need to carry then this is the accessory you need!

The Baggy-belt’s length can be adjusted from a slim 62cms to over twice that length – 125cms and is fastened using a simple snap-click fastening.

The nylons/polyester Baggy-belt can be wipe-cleaned and has been thoughtfully designed to increase your carrying capacity – without needing extra hands.

Attached to the black belt are three different storage containers, closed by either Velcro or a zipper, in a pleasing black/grey colour combination complete with reflective piping.

The entire belt can be adjusted so that the containers are in positions which suit you. With one of these belts you can carry pretty much everything you might need when out for a walk with your dog/s – poo bags, treats, toys, whistle, mobile, car keys (there’s a D-ring in one of the pockets to keep them safe)… even a small umbrella!