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Training dummies


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Our canvas training dummies are made from tough, durable, waterproof, 15oz duck cotton canvas for longer lasting use. They are appropriately filled to give the correct ‘feel’ in the dog’s mouth. Fitted with a throwing toggle and designed to float, these hand throwning dummies are available in range of colours to suit your training needs.

Our rabbit hand throwing dummy are wrapped in real rabbit fur and come complete with a throwing toggle. 

The 1/4lb is more suited to puppies of the medium/large breeds of full-grown dogs of the smaller breeds. It is ideal for starting young dogs training with picking up fur. 

The 1/2lb size would be the size we would suggest for dogs of the size of smaller spaniels. 

The 1lb size is suggested for dogs of the size of larger spaniels and retrievers. 

The rabbit-skin covered tennis ball is a cheap alternative to the full dummies which introduces an element of fun and is particularly useful for a dog which is struggling with the concept of picking up fur. The balls are available with and without throwing toggles.