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Dog poo bag carrier and waste storage dispenser


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A poo bag carrier with dispenser and holder – for bags both empty and full!

This robust polyester carrier, black with a tight silver dot pattern, measures 22 x 7 x 5cms and is comprised of two individually-zipped compartments. 

The smaller compartment – which contains the unused bags – features a preformed and reinforced opening, through which bags are dispensed. It has sufficient capacity for up to four rolls of poo bags. 

The larger compartment – for storing the bags after use – has sufficient capacity for one large poo (maybe two if you don’t mind squidging them together!) or several small poos.

To attach the carrier to your lead simply slide the lead through the carrier’s dedicated fastening channel. That’s it! (If you want to hold the carrier in a particular place on your lead then thread its velcro’ed loop through your lead’s D-ring.)

Alternatively, if you’d prefer that the carrier was not attached to the dog’s lead then fasten the velcro’ed loop around whatever it is that you want to fasten it!

An end to walking whilst swinging a bag of dog poo! Hands-free of dog-do!




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