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Figure-of-8 training leads/ head halters


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As a method of improving control over an active dog, interest in figure-of-8 leads seemed to dramatically increase around 2010 – and the interest in them hasn’t since diminished. We know from first-hand observation how effective these simple solutions can be.

The figure-of-8 leads available here, manufactured by Hem & Boo, are without doubt our most popular version of the range of figure-of-8 leads we stock. These leads are 60” long and available in a choice of thicknesses and colours. They are manufactured using a super-soft woven nylon, extremely comfortable on both the owner’s hand and the dog’s muzzle.

The first distinctive feature of these leads to observe is that they can be used as either a figure-of-8 lead or a conventional slip lead. When used as a figure-of-8 the leads are inevitably shortened by 20”-25” (depending on the size of the dog) due to the loops which are formed for the dog’s neck and muzzle. When the lead is used as a conventional slip lead, the lead’s length reduces by perhaps 15”-20”.

The dual-purpose metal clip.

The dual-purpose metal clip.

The metal clip which creates the figure-of-8 actually has two uses. The primary use of the clip is being positioned under the dog’s chin where it forms the figure-of-8 point between the loop around the dog’s neck and the loop around the dog’s muzzle. The secondary use of the clip is when the lead is fitted as a conventional slip lead – the clip can be positioned where it stops the loop from over-tightening around the dog’s neck.

Each lead incorporates a leather ‘stopper’, which when the lead has been fitted is used to fix the lead in place. (Just slide it back up the lead to easily remove it.)

These rounded leads are available in two thicknesses – 8mm and 12mm. Generally, it could be suggested that the thinner 8mm width lead is the more suitable size for smaller breeds such as the majority of terriers, collies and Cocker spaniels. At the cross-over point where both sizes might be suitable are Springer spaniels and the smallest of labradors. The thicker 12mm width is suitable for the majority of labradors and all other breeds of a similar or larger size. If you’r leaning towards the 12mm width then perhaps the single issue to consider is to be sure the lead – where it goes over the muzzle – doesn’t obstruct the dog’s vision. If you follow the breed guidelines noted above this won’t be a problem.

So, if you’re not sure that you want/need a figure-of-8 lead then this one can alternatively be used as a conventional slip lead. If you’re tempted then why not try it?

If you do know that you want/need a figure-of-8 lead then this one ticks all the boxes.

And at the price point of an ordinary slip lead, what’s not to like?