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Trixie walking / protective boots


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Available here are two ranges of dog boots/shoes from the German manufacturer, Trixie.

The ‘Active’ range are trainer-styled boots/shoe are designed for serious walking in even the most challenging of conditions.

The ‘Protective’ range are less-substantial footwear, designed for less challenging usage – perhaps to protect an injured paw during its period of recovery.

The ‘Active’ range

‘Active’ boots/shoes are based around the design, appearance and construction of a human’s training shoe, with the intention that they will perform well under even the most testing of conditions.

There’s a size to suit every size of dog; here’s a guide to the sizes of boots/shoes which will generally suit the sizes of dogs:

XS Yorkie
XS-S Westie
S-M Jack Russell, Cocker spaniel
M Border collie, Beagle
M-L Springer spaniel, Dalmatian
L Labrador, Airdale terrier
L-XL Golden retriever, Setter
XL German shepherd, Bernese mountain dog

The robustness of the grip and thickness of the sole ensures efficacy on any surface from baking hot tarmac to sharp gravel and chippings. Similarly, the boots/shoes protect against the salt and grit spread for safety reasons in winter.

The rubberised sole also provides the dog with a firm grip on smooth, shiny, surfaces.

The mesh upper material, which allows air circulation, ensures that the boots/shoes are comfortable to wear. Over extended time periods.

Whilst of course these boots/shoes can be used to protect an injured paw, it is more probable that the ‘Protective’ boots/shoes would be a better choice for that purpose.

However, older dogs – rather than lifting their feet – are often prone to dragging their feet along the ground. The particularly-robust front edge of the boot/shoe takes this additional demand into its stride.

The Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners (one strap on the XS; two straps on all the other sizes) are enhanced with a woven reflective thread.

The ‘Active’ boots/shoes are only available in black.

‘Active’ range sizing table

‘Active’ range sizing table

As you can imagine, for this style of boot/shoe, choosing the correct size without the benefit of actually trying them on may be a challenge. Printing out the image alongside will dramatically improve the chances of ordering the correct size. (Not the end of the world if you don’t get it right first time – we’ll exchange them.)

Open the image and print it at a scale where the largest rectangle is 8.5cms. Put the print on a flat surface and place your dog’s paw on the print. Lift the ‘other’ paw so the dog’s full weight is on the sizing paw, ensuring it’s maximum spread. The rectangle which is the same as, or a little wider than, the widest part of the paw is the size of the boot/shoe you need.

Be mindful that a dog’s front paws may be a different size from its rear paws. Similarly, allow for any bandaging which may be involved.

The ‘Protective’ range

The ‘Protective’ range of boots/shoes are constructed from durable polyester with a vinyl back and sole. Whilst strongly-made within the context of the materials used we would suggest that these boots/shoes are for more ‘occasional’ use on difficult surfaces.

More typically, we would expect the ‘Protective’ range to be used to protect and accelerate the healing of an injured paw, By adding support and reduce the risk of infection either with or without bandaging or other medical support.

Because the use of the ‘Protective’ boot/shoe may well be to assist the recovery of an injured paw we are happy to supply these boots/shoes as individual items (ie, If you only really need one boot/shoe you don’t have to buy a pair).

There’s a size to suit every size of dog; here’s a guide to the sizes of boots/shoes which will generally suit the sizes of dogs:

XS Yorkie
S Westie, Jack Russell
M Cocker spaniel, Border collie, Springer spaniel
L Labrador, Golden retriever
XL German shepherd
XXL Bernese mountain dog
XXL Leonberger

The boots/shoes are fastened using Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners – one strap on the sizes smaller than Medium; two straps on the Medium size and larger.

The ‘Protective’ boots/shoes are only available in black.